Why Continuous Learning?


Whether your company is growing and adding to your team or revamping your technology, people are constantly needing to learn new skills. The challenge facing most engineering organizations is that almost everyone has different learning needs and if you ask most of the individual engineers, they lack clarity about what they should prioritize, let alone how to go about improving their skills.

How does PropelUp help support Continuous Learning?


Identify learning gaps and desires. People want to be supported and they also learn best when they can immediately apply what they learn. We help you do both of those.



Empower individuals. You already support the ongoing learning for your people. We help ensure your efforts are successful so people feel more engaged and empowered.


Enable managers and technical leads. We help leaders better serve their teams by providing them insights on the professional growth of their people.



Optimize and reduce learning bottlenecks. Everyone knows the senior engineer they can go to when they are stuck and need help. The platform recommends that Learners seek out peers that aren't just the "resident experts" for quick help or support in their learning goals.



Support and celebrate progress. People want to be recognized for their achievements and its no different when it comes to their professional development. We help you visualize the progression of individuals, teams, and the organization.



Organize your resources. We help you organize the learning resources you already utilize based on knowledge areas and make it easier for people to find and share the right resources.