Why does PropelUp exist?

We exist because we believe there is a more efficient, more affordable way to learn. We believe every individual advances at their own pace, and that their learning resources should be able to flex with them. We believe in the democratization of learning that the internet is enabling, and are building the central hub for continuous learning. We believe in hands-on learning and embrace the concept of apprenticeship. We strive to be a resource that helps people learn at whatever stage they are at because the reality is that if you ever stop learning, you will fall behind.

Who does PropelUp work best for?

PropelUp works best for Learners who are on their way toward, or early into, a technical career. Since the PropelUp Gurus serve as a guide for learning, the most successful Learners will be self-starters capable of keeping themselves motivated and working towards the goals the Gurus help them set. Anyone that wants to pick up a coding skill can use PropelUp though; we have individuals as young as 14 actively learning.

How does the matching process work?

Based on your application, we match you up a Guru that fits your professional track and aspirations, time availability, technology stack(s), and a number of other factors. The first meeting is a free trial and is designed to determine if there’s a fit. This isn’t designed to be a one-off or short-term relationship, so we work hard to find you the perfect fit.

How often do I meet with my Guru?

It is dependent on the Learning Plan you are signed up for. Once you are paired with a Guru, you can set a regular schedule for sessions with your Guru. 

How do I track my progress?

Learning goals are created during your initial sessions with your Guru and progress is tracked meeting-to-meeting so you can always make sure you’re maximizing your time with your Guru.

What does it cost?

Check out the Learning Plans page for more info about the plans. Please note, our Gurus will suggest you utilize resources that may not be free, like online video courses and books. Those are not included in the cost, but our goal is to keep things as affordable as possible.

What if I don’t use all of my session time in a month?

Any left over time rolls over to the next month, so it is not a use-it-or-lose-it scenario. We want you to get exactly what you pay for.

How does the chat work?

You will have the ability to exchange messages with your Guru between sessions, but we do not set an expectation on response time just because our Gurus are typically full-time developers and may not be able to respond immediately.

Can I switch between learning plans?

Yes, of course! You can change at any time, which is one of the best features of PropelUp. We wanted to build a learning experience that scales up or down to your needs and desires.

Can I switch Gurus?

Yes, if things aren’t working out, schedules change, etc. you can switch to a new Guru at any time and the process starts back over with a free trial.

Can I work with more than one Guru at a time?

Yes, but we recommend starting with just one and determining other areas of learning you’d like to focus on that your existing Guru can’t help fulfill. The process for finding and working with more than one Guru is exactly the same.

How do I get started?

Head to the Sign Up page to get started, or drop us a line at info@propelup.io.