Team learning for software developers is ripe for evolution. There has never been so much opportunity created by the availability of information and learning content and the changing skill needs of tomorrow's workforce. PropelUp was created to empower people seeking to learn something new by guiding them along their journey through intentional mentorship and the curation of relevant learning resources. We aim to bring access to quality, affordable learning by tapping into the power of technology and communities.


Nick Birch


Tom McClelland

Advisor, Product

Collin Schneider

Advisor, Product

Scott Jones


Our Story

In 2014, Nick Birch co-founded Eleven Fifty Academy, a coding bootcamp based in Indianapolis, IN. It quickly attracted students from all over the U.S., as well as internationally and grew to serve hundreds of students per year by the time Nick left to start PropelUp in 2016 to further expand access and affordability of obtaining digital skills.

Together, our team is working towards a vision of education being personalized, flexible, and affordable for all. Interested in helping out or joining our team? Shoot us a note at info@propelup.io.