We believe that learning is ripe for an upgrade. Technology is driving rapid changes in the skill sets required for companies to compete and for individuals to maintain relevance in the workforce. PropelUp was created to empower people seeking to learn something new by guiding them along their journey and ensuring they have the right resources available. We aim to bring access to quality, affordable learning by tapping into the power of technology and communities.


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Our Story

In 2014, Nick Birch co-founded Eleven Fifty Academy, a coding bootcamp based in Indianapolis, IN. The program is designed to give aspiring software developers a kick-start into a career but people also need help learning throughout their career in today's fast-changing and tech-driven economy. PropelUp was started to extend that vision where everyone can achieve their full potential.

Interested in helping out or joining our team? Shoot us a note at info@propelup.io.