January 11, 2017


Who does PropelUp work best for?

PropelUp works best for Learners who are on their way toward, or early into, a technical career.  Since the PropelUp Gurus serve as a guide for learning, the most successful Learners will be self-starters capable of keeping themselves motivated and working towards the goals the Gurus help them set. 

How does the matching process work?

Based on your application, we match you up a Guru that fits your professional track and aspirations, time availability, technology stack(s), and a number of other factors.  The first meeting is a free trial and is designed to determine if there’s a fit.  This isn’t designed to be a one-off or short-term relationship, so we work hard to find you the perfect fit.

How often do I meet with my Guru?

That is flexible but should be agreed upon between you and the Guru.  You can set up weekly, monthly, or other recurring meeting times, and also have one-off discussions, as necessary and agreed upon.

Are there any “packages” available?

At this point, we don’t have any formal packages for purchase, such as X-number of sessions for a discount, but you can certainly work out a bulk discount with your Guru.

How do I track my progress?

We help track your progress with your Guru and set goals for your learning. These are tracked meeting-to-meeting so you can always make sure you’re maximizing your time with your Guru.

What does it cost?

PropelUp is an open marketplace, so each Guru sets their own price, which can range from $50 to $150/hr, but we will work to match you up with someone in your price range and applicable experience.

Can I switch Gurus?

Yes, if things aren’t working out, schedules change, etc. you can switch to a new Guru at any time and the process starts back over with a free trial.

Can I work with more than one Guru at a time?

Yes, but we recommend starting with just one and determining other areas of learning you’d like to focus on that your existing Guru can’t help fulfill. The process for finding and working with more than one Guru is exactly the same.

How does PropelUp make money?

We take a service fee from the gross amount charged by the Gurus.

How do I get started?

Head to the Sign Up page to get started, or drop us a line at info@propelup.io.